Our 24 page full color catalog with resources and application examples for Shoji and Architectural Doors.
Our 8-page brochure, an overview of shoji products and options.
Payment terms, general considerations and warranty information for custom orders.
Benefits and terms for trade professionals working with Cherry Tree Design.



Detailed specifications and planning resources for custom shoji projects.
A guide on available dimensions and configurations of Stock Shoji packages.
Examples of the various styles available for custom built shoji screens.
An overview of construction, materials and options for SUMO shoji.


General installation instructions for shoji systems mounted within the opening or to the ceiling.
General installation instructions for shoji systems mounted on the wall above the opening
Instructions and specs on single and double bypass guides for shoji systems
Pricing and height requirement details for utilizing floor tracking with Stock Shoji packages.
Specifications and installation of hardwood Narrow Groove tracking.
Stackable shoji systems can be linked together to close by pulling the lead door.
Instructions for installing the hardwood 3" extension piece on Stock Shoji doors.
Pocket door guides prevent the door from scratching the inside of the pocket.
Assembly instructions for SUMO shoji, which ship unassembled.


General care instructions for hardwood shoji screens and facing materials.
How to reseat distended facing and replace shoji facing material when necessary.



Specifications and planning resources for architectural door projects.