About Us Who we are

Cherry Tree Design was born out of humble beginnings in a small one-man custom shoji wood shop in Boulder, Colorado. Not wanting to waste any of his precious materials, the artisan designed Japanese inspired accent pieces from the off-cuts of the shoji screens. In 1996, our company moved to Bozeman, Montana and has since grown to be a leading national producer of high end hardwood shoji screens.

Our Mission

The company’s mission is to create heirloom quality products that are inspiring in design, timeless in natural wood beauty and unparalleled in craftsmanship.

Our Story

A timeless Japanese tradition nurtured in the American West

Cherry Tree Design has roots in two dramatically different yet both visually inspiring places – Japan and the Rocky Mountain West.

In 1995, the vision was underway with a small one-man shop in Boulder, Colorado. It was called simply Cherry Tree then, making custom doors, screens and interior accents based on the ancient beauty of Japanese shoji. The work caught the eye of Montana native Tyler Williams who had spent time in Japan and had come to love the simple-yet-striking look of shoji.

Williams acquired the shop and moved operations to Bozeman, Montana – and by 2000, grew the company into a national presence under the name Cherry Tree Design. The custom woodworking shop built a reputation of precision and beauty worthy of the shoji tradition, while incorporating a wide selection of hardwoods and durable, modern takes on the rice paper screen.

The exquisite results are now chosen by architects, homeowners, custom builders and businesses—appearing everywhere from residential remodels to custom architectural designs, from local day spas to multinational corporations. Our products catalog includes stock or custom shoji, interior doors, room dividers, window coverings and more. Currently, about half of Cherry Tree Design's work is for our pre-built stock lines that offer many options for a variety of spaces and applications; the other half is unique pieces designed and precisely built for custom projects.

We’re also working with artists and interior designers on additions to our product line. Right now, we’re looking into ways to bring the harmony and grace of the shoji treatment to some of the ubiquitous elements of modern digital lifestyle.

Today, our Bozeman location includes our office and marketing/sales staff, plus our dedicated team of four master woodworkers.